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How QR Code Generator Hub is Used in REVIVI

REVIVI is an online shop that sells sustainable fashion. The company uses QR codes to provide customers with information about the products they are buying. For example, when a customer scans the QR code on a piece of clothing, they will be able to see where the fabric was sourced from and how it was made. This information helps customers make informed decisions about their purchases and ensures that they are buying products that are made in a sustainable way.

REVIVI also uses QR codes to promote its products. For example, the company has created QR codes that can be scanned to access discounts and special offers. These QR codes are often placed on marketing materials, such as posters and flyers. They can also be found on the company's website and social media pages.

QR codes are a valuable tool for REVIVI because they allow the company to provide customers with information about its products and promote its brand. The company is committed to sustainability, and QR codes are a way for it to demonstrate its commitment to this cause.

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